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Pastor Bob Tousey

Baltimore, Maryland

Pastor Bob Tousey 410-940-4380

Christian Life Events Ministry

Baltimore, Maryland

Serving Christian Families Since 2001


Comment # 1

A wedding is a celebration of love, the union of two individuals who until now have been separate and independent from each other, will soon become one. ________ and ______

your lives are about to become woven together. Sorrow for one will be sorrow for the other. Happiness for one will be happiness for the other. Today you offer yourselves to each other before God and this community. This community will offer their prayers for you. You will hear the word of God and then you will exchange vows that will make you one for as long as you both shall live.

Comment # 2

We have come together in the presence of God to celebrate the marriage of _____ and ______. In a short while ______ and _____ will be united in marriage. They will leave their individual lives behind and become one. Sorrow for one will be sorrow for the other. Joy for one will be joy for the other. Love for one will be love for the other. _______ and _______ your lives have about to become joined forever. You will not only be responsible for yourselves but for each other and your family. As your parents raised you and cared for you. You may be called upon the do the same for your children. So as we begin, let us pray to our heavenly Father, the one whose plan it was to bring ________ and ________ together.